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Ravi Bopara’s Benefit Year Launch

Ravi Bopara’s Benefit Year was launched in fine style on Saturday evening with a dinner at Stock Brook Manor Country Club attended by sporting stars past and present.

Due to England’s unfortunate early exit from the Cricket World Cup the man himself was there along with international team-mate Moeen Ali. The pair were interviewed by our host for

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At Success we unfortunately see many candidates fail at interview stage; sometimes this is due to the individual not quite being the right fit but on other occasions it is due to a mistake that is absolutely avoidable.

Some mistakes, such as turning up late or getting the interviewers name wrong, are

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Back in September 2007 my wife and I returned from a 2-week holiday to reports of customers of a well-established bank queuing at their cash points urgently trying to withdraw money from their accounts.

Stories that Northern Rock had run out of cash had reached the mainstream media outlets and customers were in full panic mode. This

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Why you should treat your Recruitment Consultant as the first stage in a job application process

What is the goal of a Recruitment Consultant?

To help individuals find their dream job and to help clients find their dream individuals.

So why do so many people treat Recruitment Consultants as an inconvenience? Because they fail to recognise them as the first stage in the job application process.

On a basic

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A Flying Start to 2015 !

It has been an amazing start to 2015 for the Success team.

Similar too many industries, recruitment seems to close its doors between the Christmas and New Years’ parties so the team took a well-earned break over the festive period.

Obviously we all came back raring to go and 2015 has gone off with a real

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Why You Will Benefit from Using Only One Recruiter

The recruitment industry is fiercely competitive and increasingly diverse.

Any company with staff will have received calls from a variety of recruitment companies, all of whom go about their job in a different way.

The effect of the internet on the recruitment industry (explored here) is massive. On a basic level it has dramatically increased

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Top 10 tips for Success at Interview !

Interviews can be nerve wracking experiences for many of us and often the people who are perfectly qualified for a job are not the ones to get it. The successful candidates are the ones who have gone the extra mile in their preparation and given themselves the best platform to succeed at interview.


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Avoiding a Bad Hire

Recent research has revealed that the average cost of a bad hire to a business is £14,000*, each time!

I was shocked at how high a figure it is, but in reality, it is easy to understand when you start analysing the costs of recruiting a new hire; think about time spent on interview preparation, advertisement, missed

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How to get the best from your Recruitment Consultant

Some tips to help you get the most out of your recruiter…

Last week we looked at some of the good and bad practises employed within recruitment and how competition within the industry can actually drive the quality of service down. Many recruiters end up pushing square pegs in to round holes and the client ends up paying

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Recruitment Consultancies: Good Practise V Bad Practise

What makes a good recruitment consultant?

Recruitment Consultancies provide a service and, as with all service companies, the quality of delivery will depend very much on the companies you deal with. Recruitment Consultants in general seem to have a similar reputation to Estate Agents and we often come up against a negative perception of the industry.

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