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How Long Can Employers Make Potential Hires Wait?

I am a great believer that companies should never rush the recruitment process.

Of course there will be times when the need to hire for a specific position becomes more urgent but it is always of paramount importance to carefully consider how any new hire will affect your business.  My experience tells me that the chance of

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What do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

The reason for the timing of this blog is that Success Recruit have recently been looking for a new team member and the first question I ask potential recruits is a variation of that question.

As recruitment consultants we have an advantage when searching for new staff, as we are able to ask potential candidates

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Its Good to Talk!

Those of us who are a certain age will remember the BT advert starring Bob Hoskins and the strapline “it’s good to talk”. Many of those same people will also remember the scene from Fawlty Towers where the two old lady residents are sitting together complaining about the meat; “oh, its awful”, they say.  Yet, when asked by

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