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5 Questions to Answer Before You Begin Your Interview Process

Interview processes vary widely between companies; from the more corporate style of competency based questions to the relaxed, chatty style often found in smaller organisations.  Neither style should be immediately adopted as the “right way”; each has its own merits and a happy medium can of course be found somewhere between the two depending on what is suitable for you.

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Leading your team successfully

Every company has a form of management in place, but unfortunately, not every company has the presence of good leadership.  Here are just a few ways that you can establish yourself as a leader and inspire your team in the workplace.

Build your Team

Your team is only as good as the individuals involved; therefore there needs to be an

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5 Questions Employers Should Ask Themselves before Hiring an Employee

Great employees are a company’s most valued resource; and for this reason, it is clear to see a correlation between the input of talented hires and the outcome of successful business results. The recruitment process is therefore a critical stage and one where you can’t afford to make mistakes.

We’ve listed five questions that you can ask yourself during your

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New Year, New You

A new year has arrived; we have now been presented with a blank canvas – a fresh start, and an opportunity to sketch things into place to make 2016 a bigger success.

Job happiness

If you’ve listed ‘change job’ as a new year’s resolution then you are not alone. Research has shown that a staggering 7.7 million UK

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