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Where to Look for Top Talent

It’s a tough time for recruiters and employers, as the tentative political landscape threatens to change the labour market and restrict the amount of international workers. Many employers are finding it difficult to connect with the top talent, even in a time when more digital channels are opening every day to help jobseekers and headhunters. Here are some interesting facts

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Why Job Applications are Unsuccessful

There are many reasons why your job application may be unsuccessful, especially when there is so much competition in the market today. While being rejected over and over again can be demoralising, it’s important to not take it personally and carry on fighting. When hundreds and hundreds of people apply for one role, recruitment managers really do have a tough

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How Far Would you Commute for your Dream Job?

Do you know what would you sacrifice for your dream role? What would you do if you saw the most perfect job role advertised – but it was in another city or even country? A career can take you all over the world, but if you have a family to consider or don’t want to sell your home then you’ll

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Why Being Happy in Your Job Matters

Why is it important to be happy in your job? The average person will work for 50 years, and 35% of your total waking hours will spent at work. That’s over a third of your life spent working, and if you hate your job then this could have long term problems for your mental health and wellbeing. At a

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