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Blog Post Published 23rd July 2015

All you need to do is ASK

Ask, ask, ask!

It is important to understand that your employer won’t expect you to know everything, so if a situation arises where you are confused or need guidance, ASK! Asking questions on your first day will help you to familiarise yourself with the company and help you to understand what is required of you. Every company is different, with varying cultures so make sure you’re observing and asking the right questions so that you can tailor your methods to suit them. However, make sure you’re also listening! Asking a lot of questions is understandable when starting a new job but you won’t make a good impression if colleagues have to keep repeating things to you. It’s a great idea to write things down so invest in a good pen and pad!!


As a business owner, I would rather an employee ask than to ever guess, get it wrong and have a detrimental impact to the business. From training various employers in the past the most frustrating thing is when someone says Yes, Yes to everything you tell them and within an hour they are asking the same question – remember everyone’s time is important within a business and to ensure everyone works well having an open door policy for questions is great, at the same time having the initiative to write things down when you are told is even better and trying to remember J.

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