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Blog Post Published 9th February 2017

The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff

Businesses of all sizes often rely on temporary staff to plug gaps and deal with changes in demand. Temp workers are totally flexible and can bring new skills and ideas to a company, which can be a great asset. It is widely presumed that temporary staff are limited to office and admin sectors, retail and hospitality. However, more industries are starting to note the benefits of hiring temps rather than permanent positions, and skilled workers are choosing the exciting temp lifestyle.

There are many advantages for employers choosing to hire temporary staff. Here are some of the main benefits:

Fast hire

Sometimes you need a role covered fast, and don’t know the length of time an extra staff member will be required. You could have an employee on long term sick or maternity leave, or need a role filling while you search for a perfect permanent team member. Whatever the reason, a temporary worker can be available immediately and on a daily or weekly basis.Image of Successful Meeting


Temp workers are unique because they are used to adapting to different company cultures and job duties. If you need them in one department today and a different department tomorrow, they will easily adjust. Whatever you throw at them they should be able to take on board.

Cost savings

You’ll usually hire temporary workers through an agency, and even though you’ll have to pay placement fees it is still considerably cheaper than hiring a permanent member of staff. You won’t have to worry about the cost of recruitment, offering an attractive salary and company benefits – yet you’ll still have the manpower you need.

Support permanent staff

Hiring a temp will take the pressure off your permanent employees, leading to higher engagement all round. If you’re coping with the unexpected departure of an employee, the worst thing you can do is pass the extra workload onto the rest of the team. A temp worker can come in and support your staff where needed so they don’t feel squeezed.

Potential for permanent post

Hiring a temporary worker is a great way to see whether they would be a good fit for the business in the long run. Even with a probationary period, it can be difficult to gauge whether someone is right for the job and if they will work well in the team. By hiring temps first, you might decide to offer a temporary worker a permanent position, bypassing the traditional recruitment process.

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