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Blog Post Published 23rd February 2017

The Best Way to Find a Job That’s Right for You

The perfect career for each and every one of us is out there – but very few people ever find it. A lot of people find a job when they’re young and stick with it, whether they like their career prospects or not. Others find themselves in positions they never would have thought they would end up in, through friends or sheer luck and feel the need to stay. Some people are on a quest for the perfect job and change employers every year or so – but still haven’t found their happy place.

Most people are completely lost when it comes to their career paths, but it’s not difficult to get back on track. Perhaps your career was put on the backburner while you started a family, or you’ve moved city a few times and have had to take the first job you were offered. Whatever has happened in your past it’s time to look to the future if you want to secure a job that is truly right for you.

The first thing you need to establish is whether you’d like to stay in your current sector or have a complete career change. If you’re not sure, ask yourself how good you are at your job now. Are your skills and experience put to good use? Do you believe in the purpose of your role? Do you have a sense of pride about your job, or do you dread Monday mornings more than most people? Once you’ve decided whether you’d like to progress in your industry or jump into something different, you can start looking for that ideal job.

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Trust a Recruiter

This is where a professional recruitment agency can help point you in the right direction. Recruiters are like matchmakers – they match people to jobs that are perfect for them. Basically, they do all the hard work for you! Many employers will ask a recruitment agency to fill their vacancies rather than handle all the advertising themselves. That means when you conduct a job search alone, you could be missing out on amazing opportunities as they often go through recruitment companies.

A recruitment professional will find out what skills and experience you can bring to a position, and ask about your career goals. If they find a role which is perfectly matched to your skills and attributes, they will tell you about it immediately and support you through the application and interview process.

Joining a recruitment agency could be the easiest way to find the right job for your personality and experience. Find out more about the Success Recruit Job Hunter process.