CRY Charity of the Year -

Blog Post Published 18th April 2017

CRY Charity of the Year

Chosen Charity of the Year!

This year Success Recruit are raising money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in The Young) which is a charity that is very close to our hearts and especially mine.

CRY is an amazing charity that can offer support to families from bereavement counselling to providing screening days to the public, but, they need our support to help raise money to continue to provide the excellent service that they already do

This year the money will go towards the Charlotte Adams memorial fund which has been set up by our heartbroken friends and family who wish to create a great memory of their beloved friend.

Charlotte sadly passed away in November 2014, aged 23, Charlotte was a very loyal and devoted friend who would do anything for the people she cared about, we have many memories with her that I will cherish forever. Each year our close group of friends get together on her birthday and anniversary to laugh and remember the good times we all shared with one another. Charlotte was working an Admin Assistant for Birkett Long in Colchester when she suddenly passed away, this will be something that will always stay with us and by raising money we want to raise awareness and if one screening day can prevent other friends and family going through the same ordeal then we have achieved our goal.

With the money raised the Charlotte Adams Memorial Fund will use the money to create screening days for the public where 100 screenings can take place in one day. The cost of the screening has now risen to £5,000 per day, this isn’t a test that is provided free on the NHS and would cost individuals £500 if they wished to get tested. It is a simple ECG scan that takes no more than 10minutes, on the screening day a qualified Doctor will be present and will be review all of the results, if anything is picked up this where CRY will be able to provide support to families to help prevent any sudden risks. Data taken from the Office of National Statistics show that there are at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young (that is, aged 35 and under) sudden cardiac deaths every week in the UK.

To help raise money for such a special cause we will be hosting a number of events throughout 2017, all of the proceeds raised throughout the year will be donated to the fund and with great determination Success Recruit aim to raise £2,000 to go towards a screening day.

Please come and help us raise awareness for a great charity and to spend a fun day remembering a very special friend.  

We look forward to seeing you during events this year and we hope we are able to make a difference within the local community.

Danielle Burdett