How Far Would You Commute for Your Dream Job?

Blog Post Published 15th March 2017

How Far Would you Commute for your Dream Job?

Do you know what would you sacrifice for your dream role? What would you do if you saw the most perfect job role advertised – but it was in another city or even country? A career can take you all over the world, but if you have a family to consider or don’t want to sell your home then you’ll be limited to a smaller geographic area for your job search.

When looking for a new job, you need to think carefully about your ideal ro people on escalator in train stationle and where you would like to be based. How far would you be willing to travel for a higher salary and better progression opportunities? If you are willing to relocate or are happy with a long commute, this widens your job search and the chance to find your dream role.

A recent survey suggests that Brits will travel no longer than one hour and 14 minutes to work, even for their dream job. The survey carried out by also found that there were regional differences in commute time, with Londoners willing to endure an hour and a half commute while Mancunians didn’t want a commute over 23 minutes.

The longer you’re willing to travel to get to work, the more opportunities there will be for the taking. However, your daily commute is a big part of your life so it does need a bit of thought. Take a job with an hour commute and you’ll be sacrificing 10 hours a week sat in traffic or on public transport. Would it be worth it for job satisfaction? Here are some things to think about:

Costinside London underground train

A longer commute will cost you more daily, so this is definitely something to consider. If you’re dream job is an hour away but doesn’t pay much more than what you’re earning at the moment with a half hour commute, then is it really worth it? Calculate how much you will spend getting to work in a year and take it off your salary. Make sure that this job role is worth spending that amount.

Family life/Social life

The time you spend commuting will shorten the time you have at home with your family or your leisure time. Work out what time you will get home every evening – will you miss bath and bedtime with the kids five nights a week? Would you not be able to go to the gym as much? Are these sacrifices worth it?

It’s a very personal decision and the time you’re willing to commute will depend on your circumstances. But make sure you give it some thought before applying for every job in a 30 mile radius! If you’d like help finding your dream job get in touch with our recruitment specialists.