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Blog Post Published 2nd March 2017

Why Being Happy in Your Job Matters

Why is it important to be happy in your job? The average person will work for 50 years, and 35% of your total waking hours will spent at work. That’s over a third of your life spent working, and if you hate your job then this could have long term problems for your mental health and wellbeing. At a time when the working day seems to be forever increasing and many of us struggle with a healthy work life balance, job satisfaction has never been more important.

So just how happy should we be while at work? Of course, there may be stressful and busy times in your job which are impossible to enjoy – but think about how you feel the majority of the time. Being happy in your job means you feel fulfilled, you feel appreciated and you know your work matters. You can achieve job satisfaction and still not necessarily want to work for eight hours a day. But as long as you are comfortable with your job duties, your salary and your colleagues, you can be happy in your job.IMage of a Woman in front of a laptop

There could be a multitude of reasons why you might not feel happy in your current position. Non-flexible working hours, no personal growth or promotional opportunities and not getting on with colleagues or your boss could have an impact on job satisfaction. If you despise getting up for work every morning, you could see the following:

Negative impact on your physical health

People who are stressed and unhappy at work can suffer from back pain, lack of sleep and exhaustion.

Negative impact on mental health

Being unhappy for eight hours a day five days a week takes its toll on your mental health. Your job could cause you to suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. In severe cases it could also lead to substance abuse and social withdrawal.

Bad relationships at home

Many people find it hard to let go of negative feelings from their working day, and bring them home. The feeling of being unfulfilled or trapped in a job you hate can impact your personal life as you take out your frustration on the ones you love.

Loss of productivity

If your current role is leaving you feeling unfulfilled or underappreciated, then your work will start to suffer. Happy employees are more productive, so you could fall behind with your roles and responsibilities. This is a downward spiral as you may then be disciplined which will make you feel even worse about your job.

Can you honestly say you have job satisfaction? If not, it’s time to look for a new role before your work takes control over your life.