Blog - Head-Hunting is Bad For Recruitment Consultancies

Blog Post Published 4th December 2015

Recruitment Consultancies Should Take a Good Hard Look at Themselves

Please excuse the slightly angry tone to my blog today, I really should be happier on a Friday!

The initial reason for my anger is that I have had a recruiter call two of my staff today to try and “head-hunt” them for other positions.  To be honest this feeling subsided reasonably quickly as I have nothing to worry about; I work together with my team and treat them with honesty and respect so they are happy and won’t leave.

The real reason for my anger is with the way in which they were approached and some of the drivel I have read on both the Linked-in profile and the emails from this “recruiter”.

shutterstock_124440205Before I launch in to my tirade I want to make it clear that Success Recruit does not “head-hunt”, in fact we abhor it.  It is on our website, in our promise to our clients and in our terms and conditions.

Head-hunting is a fundamental reason why people dislike recruitment consultancies and why wouldn’t it be?

Good companies invest time, money and, most importantly of all, emotion in training their staff and building a team.  Should this be at risk because someone phones up with an “exciting offer” to join another company?  Of course not.

Unfortunately human nature means heads will be turned by amazing promises; promises such as the opportunity to work for “the most admired and respected” firm in Chelmsford.  Please.

This is my industry and it makes my blood boil.  There are many excellent and professional people working in recruitment and they have to deal with the fallout from the actions of companies that encourage this type of behaviour.

What really annoys me is that it is just greed that has tarnished an otherwise incredibly valuable industry.  We provide amazing value to our clients but too often prospective clients are suspicious of us.  To be honest I don’t really blame them.

Head-hunting has a place I don’t doubt it.  In fact, the origins of the industry come from it.  But I would bet that genuine head-hunting involves a professional discussion over dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant and not by someone with a full 6-months training phoning every recruiter they can find on Linked-in.

Apparently this company “creates unique opportunities just for you”.  Utter gibberish, in what way did you create this opportunity?

And the topper?  If my staff had left I could expect a call from this company offering to help me find someone to replace them.  Shame on them and shame on the company that hired them.  If a recruitment company cannot find its own staff they should pack up now.  Try showing a bit of imagination, being less concerned with volume and concentrating on the quality of your product.  Maybe that way you would not be looking for new staff every 5 minutes.

I don’t like to end my blogs by offering someone the chance to call us if they would like to find out more but in this case I will.  If you would like to find out about how recruitment consultancies should work please feel free to call us on 01245 409 839!

Thank you for reading.