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Blog Post Published 23rd July 2015

Hire the best !

Hiring the wrong person for a job is always such an inconvenient. Not only is it a waste of time, both for the candidate and the interviewer, but it can be costly too! A strong interview process will make sure that you get the best possible analyses of an interviewee to prevent you from choosing the wrong employee.
Skilled interviewers:
· Ask questions that are specific- You tend to get those one or two candidates whose nerves results in them doing a lot of waffling. Or the candidate who is so keen to make a good impression that they start talking about school achievements when asked about their last previous role . Specific questions will eliminate the problem of candidates going off topic, and will help you later on when you compare the answers of each candidate interviewed.
· Ask questions smartly- There is a big difference between asking the right question and asking the question right. By asking follow-up questions , you are giving the candidate a chance to expand on their answers, which in turn gives you the opportunity to conjure up a more in-depth view of the candidate.
· Be human- There is already a clear hierarchy of authority in place in an interview room. Try not to make this even more obvious, as this will only create distance between you and the interviewee. If you offer a relaxed, yet professional setting, the candidate will feel more comfortable answering questions honestly and not feel the need to mask facts in an attempt to match your professionalism.



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