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Blog Post Published 18th January 2016

5 Questions Employers Should Ask Themselves before Hiring an Employee

Great employees are a company’s most valued resource; and for this reason, it is clear to see a correlation between the input of talented hires and the outcome of successful business results. The recruitment process is therefore a critical stage and one where you can’t afford to make mistakes.

We’ve listed five questions that you can ask yourself during your recruitment process that will help improve the quality of your hiring decision.

Question 1: Will the candidate do the job right?
One of the purposes of the recruitment process is to fill a job vacancy with someone who matches the job description. Resources such as the applicant’s CV and references should be relied upon. If the job role is creative or has a high level of practical work, you could request to see a portfolio of their work or ask them to carry out a few tasks. During the interview, probe further into the candidate’s work history and credentials. Will the candidate you choose be able to settle straight into the position, or will they require training?

Question 2: Will our company like the candidate?
It’s like any prospective relationship. The individual may tick all the right boxes, but if there is no spark, there is no relationship. Culture-fit is extremely important and can only be ascertained by first identifying your company’s culture, and then deliberating on whether the candidate is compatible. This can be difficult to gauge, especially from just one interview. Asking the right questions is therefore essential, so be sure to include questions that enlighten you on the candidate’s personality. By allowing prospective employees to speak uninterruptedly, you can find out whether they will be an asset to your brand, or if they will be what Harvard Business Review describes as ‘toxic’ – overconfident and self-centred. Remember that the chosen one will have to integrate with the company and its people, so it may be worth introducing panel interviews and company insight days.

Question 3: Can we accommodate the candidate?
The recruitment process is often centred on scrutinising candidates, and that’s absolutely fine, after all, you are looking for someone to join your business! But, are YOU a suitable partner for the candidate? Sometimes the candidate hired is too overqualified for the role, so much so that they end up feeling underwhelmed, bored and then leave. Try not to be short-sighted; politely decline the applicant and explain to them that they may be better suited for a different role, or even a different company. If you really don’t want to let go of the talent you’ve discovered, you could create a brand new position for the individual to make good use of their skill set.

Question 4: Will the candidate still be here in the next 20 years?
Okay, maybe not the next 20 years, but you should at least believe that whoever you hire has a long term future within the company. Do you envision them growing, developing, and profiting the business in the days ahead? This type of evaluation is made possible when you assess company projections in line with the vision of the company.

Question 5: Do they have passion?
Notice how this last question is not phrased ‘are they passionate?’ Understandably, there are some jobs out there where it is difficult to be truly passionate about the job, but the essence of passion within an individual will cause them to do good work, even when they don’t like the work itself.

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