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Blog Post Published 11th September 2015

How Employers Can Benefit From Using Only One Recruiter


The recruitment industry is fiercely competitive and increasingly diverse.  Any company with staff will have received calls from a variety of recruitment companies, all of whom go about their job in a different way.

The effect of the internet on the recruitment industry (explored here) is massive.  On a basic level it has dramatically increased competition for any individual job and it has changed the way people job-hunt; arguably making it more difficult for companies to find the right people.

Each company is different and a range of new companies have entered the recruitment market to meet their needs and products are now available to suit most budgets.  Companies have access to packages that range from a simple CV sourcing service right up to a full bespoke service with a professional recruitment consultant and everything in between.

As with everything; what is best for your company really depends upon its own circumstances.

So what are the benefits of using one recruiter, or a small selection or recruiters, to provide you with a bespoke professional service?

Ask any successful business what the most important factor in their business is and you are likely to get the same answer from each of them; the people.  Your team and the people within it are the single most important element of your business and its success.  When you are recruiting for that team it is essential to find the right people, with the right personality, skill set and ambitions to ensure they fit in well and help the existing team thrive.

A recruitment consultant cannot be expected to help you find this person without one thing; a thorough understanding of you, your team and your business.  And they cannot be expected to gain this understanding without a visit to your premises for a meeting and in-depth discussion about all of the above.

A top-class recruitment consultant will take pride in meeting with you prior to any job search and will gain satisfaction from having that knowledge of your business.  Many times in our offices I hear the consultants say they know they have the right person for the job before they even go on interview and do you know what?  They are usually right.

By using one recruiter, or a small selection of them, and letting them know your expectations of them and what their competition is you will ensure you receive a high quality service.  If you use a plethora of agencies and CV outsourcing companies you will get one thing; a race.  If the recruiter knows they are up against a volume business they also know they do not have sufficient time to do their job diligently.  The increased competition will have an adverse effect on the service you receive (read here for more on this subject).

The old-adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in this instance.  To truly appreciate what a recruitment professional can do for your business you need to consider the value that a great new employee can bring to your business over the long-term.  An initial expense could be offset by gaining a person that you can trust to propel your business forward.

The ironic thing is that recruiters will happily negotiate their fees in order to work with you on a sole-agency basis.  More for less!