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Blog Post Published 6th May 2016

How Temporary Staff Can Have A Permanent Impact On Your Business

Temporary StaffThe True Value of Temporary Staff

There are many individual reasons that a business might use temporary staff (“temps”); holiday cover, maternity cover etc. but what about the bigger picture?

Your clients have a service expectation, the owners and employees have a limited amount of time, your team has a morale level and your business has a bottom line!

How are these factors impacted by a temporary staff shortage for whatever reason?

Will a staff shortage mean that the phone rings out even just once?  What is the effect on the remaining team?  Will the impact of increased workload and hours be a mistake or an unhappy client?  How will this affect morale and the bottom line?

As always it is best to consider value rather than looking at cost.  What is the potential value of bringing in a temp?

If the temp comes in and does the job required with the minimum of fuss and disruption then that is good.  Your business keeps meeting its client’s expectations, the people in the business do not get stretched and morale and the business’ bottom line are unaffected.

But what value is placed on a temp that provides a breath of fresh air, an unexpected source of inspiration or a suggestion that could improve the business?

Forget all the logic of how it could be the first stage of an interview process or how someone just needs to do a specific task and think about your business.

The old adage of “a person will tell 10 people about a bad experience” is now, in most cases, a massive underestimate.  Due to Social Media people tell hundreds, even thousands of people about a bad experience!

Businesses need to create positive experiences for clients, ones which people talk about and if a temp can help you do that, they have been very valuable!