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Blog Post Published 23rd March 2017

Why Job Applications are Unsuccessful

There are many reasons why your job application may be unsuccessful, especially when there is so much competition in the market today. While being rejected over and over again can be demoralising, it’s important to not take it personally and carry on fighting. When hundreds and hundreds of people apply for one role, recruitment managers really do have a tough job screening the responses and most of the time, they might not even get to your cover letter.

It’s really frustrating to get knocked out at the first round when you know you have the right skills and experience for the job. But the fact is, there were probably lots of other people who applied who had the same experience and qualifications as you, and the hiring team have to find some way to whittle it down. Here are some common mistakes that many job seekers make in applications, which could be the reason that your job applications are failing.

image of student working in office Spelling and grammar mistakes

The odd spelling mistake doesn’t mean you’re too incompetent for the job, but it can indicate that you’ve rushed the application and don’t show attention to detail. In the digital age of spellcheck, is there really any excuse for sloppy errors?

Not following directions

Every job application is different and you need to ensure you treat it as such. Many employers will ask for a number of documents to be attached along with your application form, and ask you to answer certain questions. Be sure to re-read the instructions and do everything as is described, or you could be out of the running regardless of your perfect CV.

Appearing unprofessionalimage of man drinking coffee

It’s vital that you always appear professional to potential employers, starting from the first communication. Be concise and polite in all correspondence and make sure the whole application is written in a formal manner. The biggest turn off to employers is an unprofessional email address, so if you’re guilty of a silly email then make a new one especially for job applications. Here are some other job tips to follow.

Lack of passion

You should tailor every part of each application to the role you’re applying for. Recruiters can tell if you send a general cover letter and CV and you’ll be placed at the back of the pile. Tell them why you really want to work for the company and how your experience and skills apply to this role. Unless you act like you really want the job, you’re not likely to get an interview.

These are just a few reason why job applications fail, so if you are guilty of these mistakes take extra care in the future. Why not speak to a recruitment agency who can guide you through the application process and put you forward for suitable roles?