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Blog Post Published 20th October 2016

Job Search Tips

Job search tips – great ways to help your job hunt!

We love helping people find jobs they love.  It gets us out of bed in the morning!  Here are some of our favourite job search tips for making sure you get the job you love.

Be specific

The number one way to get what you want is to know exactly what you want.  If you do not know what you want, think about it carefully before you leap into the job search.

Being specific will help you (and your recruiter should you use one) make sure that you are only looking at things you genuinely want.

who-will-you-beGo for what you really want

No, not what you kind of want, what you REALLY want!

Too many people settle for what they think they should go for, not what they would be really happy doing.  It is one of the number one reasons the recruitment industry is so large!

People enter jobs they think will be good, get bored and then start looking again.  A change will not make the difference, being happy will.  We implore you to be bold and really go for it.  Be warned, you need to be patient; but, as we know, good things come to those who wait!

Set targets and goals

Once you know what you are looking for, go after it!

Success Recruit loves it when a candidate tells us exactly what they want and why.  It makes our job so much more fun!  Setting specific targets and goals makes it much more likely you will achieve them, ask anyone who has achieved something!

Nail your personal statement

There is nothing more powerful on a CV than a great personal statement that neatly summarises past experience, personal qualities and what you are looking for in a job search.

The reality is that you must make your CV stand out quickly.  Focus on the first part and you will entice the reader to continue.  Fail to do this and, sadly, your relevant experience at the bottom of page 2 will never be read!

Be prepared

The better prepared a candidate is, the better their chance at interview.

If you have already got the interview, your CV is good enough to get the job.  It is now down to you.  Preparation is going to increase your chances of getting that job, so really nail it.  Don’t just skim the website and call it research!

Success Recruit are running a free one hour “improve your job search” seminars at our offices in Chelmsford on Tuesday 8th November and Tuesday 15th November at 8.30am and 10.30am.  We will be sharing even more job search tips to help you in your hunt.  If you would like to book your place please get in touch today.