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Blog Post Published 30th March 2017

Where to Look for Top Talent

It’s a tough time for recruiters and employers, as the tentative political landscape threatens to change the labour market and restrict the amount of international workers. Many employers are finding it difficult to connect with the top talent, even in a time when more digital channels are opening every day to help jobseekers and headhunters. Here are some interesting facts from Totaljobs.com to consider:

image of a man on his phone 84% of employers advertise roles on their company website, but only 15% of candidates would seek out jobs on a corporate website.

57% of job seekers use general recruitment websites, and 45% use specialist recruitment agencies

16% of job hunters still look for roles in the local newspaper

With this in mind, to attract the top talent and have as many candidates as possible to choose from, you should be using cross channel advertising.

Where is the top talent?image of a skilled worker

The best employees are out there to be found – but they’re not all in the same place. It pays to spread the word as far as possible, rather than put all of your eggs in the same basket. For example, you might presume that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for networking and publishing your vacancy. However, Facebook has over a billion users so it may be worthwhile advertising on there too, to cast a wider net.

If you really want the most premium candidates then you’ll have to open your geographical area. If you have a company culture that can attract worldwide talent, then you should invest in overseas advertising. Perhaps there is a skills gap in your country that foreign workers can fill? Even so, if you want the best of the best then you shouldn’t limit your search to a small area.

Then there’s the trusted pool of talent which is exclusive to recruitment agencies. People who are happy in high profile jobs might not be looking for a new role – but recruitment consultants have a relationship with them and could tell them about your exciting position. Only through this recommendation, they might apply. Keep in mind that much of the top talent aren’t actively job seeking so won’t be looking at your advertisement – how do you get them to apply?

If you need staff that can drive your business forward and help it grow, then a local or national recruitment agency could be the answer.