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Blog Post Published 2nd February 2017

How to Make Sure you’re Applying for the Right Jobs

If you have your sights set on a new job, then you might be sending off your CV multiple times a day – and receiving no response. If you’re not receiving many replies or being invited to interviews, then you have to ask yourself if you’re applying for the right jobs. A standard cover letter and the same application form for every position simply won’t cut it – so it’s time to streamline the process and only apply for the jobs that you want and you’re qualified to do.

Here’s some tips from our recruitment experts to make sure your find the right jobs to apply for, and impress the company with your application.Image of Applying for Jobs from Home

  1. Don’t just apply for every job you see

Before applying for a role, read through the whole advert thoroughly – don’t just read the title and click apply. Applying for all job titles you may or may not have the experience for is a massive waste of time. You can be more productive by narrowing your job search to roles that you are highly suited for so you have more chance of actually getting an interview.

  1. Join a recruitment agency

As well as conducting your own job search, why not find an agency to do the hard work for you? Whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary position, a recruitment specialist can match jobseekers up with available roles – and the process is often much faster than waiting for a response from a job advert. An agency can put you forward for many positions which may not be advertised elsewhere, and the service is free for candidates so why not use it?

  1. Tailor your application

Every job role is different, which is why it requires a different cover letter and CV. A standard CV will get you so far, but if you adapt it to prove you have the skills the company is looking for you’ll have a much better shot. Understand what the employer is looking for and show them how you demonstrate the right skills and experience. In your cover letter it also helps to do a bit of research into the company, and let them know what you can give to the organisation.

To be successful with your job search, the first step is to ensure you’re applying for the right roles. If you’re overqualified or underqualified then you’re unlikely to make the next stage so why bother wasting your time and effort? If you need help identifying the right jobs for you, get in touch with us today.