Megan joins the team! -

Blog Post Published 21st April 2017

Megan joins the team!

We recently had a new team member join Success Recruit. Read about Megan’s story so far!

Megan joins Success Recruit!

Why do you love working for Success Recruit?

I love working for Success Recruit because everyone is so positive and there is such a nice team environment. No one wants to see anyone else fail; we all work as a team and achieve great results together!

Megan, in 5 words

Caring, Hard-working, Friendly, Honest and Passionate.

Tell us something we don’t know?

I used to enjoy dance and have competed in competitions.

Favourite past times?

I enjoy art, I love most things to do with the subject; I attend an art class every week.

 Favourite holiday destination?

I would have to say Disney in Orlando! It’s just so amazing living in the Disney bubble for a few weeks!

If you would like to contact Megan, you can find her on…

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