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Blog Post Published 16th November 2015

How Long Can Employers Make Potential Hires Wait?

Bored of the recruitment process?I am a great believer that companies should never rush the recruitment process.

Of course there will be times when the need to hire for a specific position becomes more urgent but it is always of paramount importance to carefully consider how any new hire will affect your business.  My experience tells me that the chance of a new hire being a success significantly reduce when the recruitment process is rushed.

In many cases long term plans and goals are ignored due to a desire to meet the short terms needs of the business.

A new salesman is rushed in to start generating sales but no thought is given to how they might fit in with the existing team or a manager’s lack of experience in a nuanced industry is ignored because the team really needs a leader.  Most of the time it is going to be beneficial to wait and take some time to carefully consider the decision.

But how long is too long? 

Obviously there is no correct answer, no hard and fast law because every situation is different.  However, I have seen many companies lose out on great talent as a result of taking too long to deliberate over a hiring decision.  Great talent can be supremely difficult to find and if you have found some it is highly unlikely that yours is the only job they have gone for.

People can be fickle and it is incredibly difficult to remain patient over a decision as important as their next job.  They may love your company and have been incredibly enthused by their interview but unfortunately that feeling fades and a sense of doubt will creep in as time passes.  At times like this a concrete job offer from a competitor will be very attractive and your company may lose out.

It can be a difficult balancing act because you do not want to rush the decision but at the same time you do not want to miss out on talent.  When a company is in this position I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Prioritise recruitment:it is pretty much accepted by everyone that people are a hugely important element of any organisation.  Recruitment should therefore be very close to the top of list of priorities for a company that is hiring.
  1. Keep people informed: make sure that everyone involved in the recruitment process, including the applicant, is informed at every stage. There is nothing worse than waiting indefinitely, it creates uncertainty, which causes the applicant to doubt if your company is serious about hiring them.   Be honest and tell people the actual situation.

A good recruitment consultant can really help out during this part of the process as they will have experience in dealing with these situations and can remain neutral in discussions.

Recruitment can be a delicate process at times so please do not let procrastination cost you great talent!

By Vicki Edwards

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Vicki Edwards is an experienced Recruitment Consultant with over 10 years of experience in helping candidates find new jobs.  She founded Success Recruit to help people looking for work in the office environment; including jobs in admin, jobs in marketing, jobs in sales and jobs in HR.