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Blog Post Published 21st June 2016

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Fill Your Job Vacancy

Companies that recognise its employees as being the foundation for its success appreciate just how precious the hiring process is.  Nevertheless, there have been occasions where business owners have shared with me their failed attempts to onboard talent.

If you have ever found yourself in the same situation, I hope the following 5 points will bring some clarity on what the reason may be.

1) A Lengthy Interview Process 

Opening the door for someone new to join the business will always be an important decision to make and I can understand you wanting to be 100% sure before saying ‘yes’ to the right person; but just how long should a candidate be expected to wait?

According to research, the overall job interview process can take up to 32 days! However, during that time frame, candidates are most likely still pursuing their job search; and if candidates are left waiting for too long, they will eventually say goodbye even before you are given the chance to say ‘You’re Hired!’

2) An Unattractive Compensation Package 

Salary is often a make-or-break factor for jobseekers when choosing a new job.

Are you offering a salary that, at minimum, meets the industry standard? Does the salary accurately reflect the value that the individual will bring to the company?  Answers to questions such as these may give insight into why candidates decide not to follow-up your invite to apply for the job position.

Although the salary can be an enticing incentive, it is worth mentioning that additional factors such as job flexibility and the opportunity for career advancement will also be considered, especially by candidates who are in the position to choose between two or more job propositions.

3) Unrealistic Expectations 

Wanting to find the best person for the role is what the recruitment process should be about and this is exactly what we dedicate our efforts helping companies achieve. However, sometimes your desire for perfection can be the biggest stumbling block.

Try not to dismiss candidates just because they fail to match your criteria like-for-like; instead, be willing to consider a person’s potential.

Alongside having the right skills and experience, credit candidates on their compatibility with company culture, as well as their personality and passion for the job. These are things that are near enough impossible to teach and will more than likely leave you with a star candidate who can easily be moulded.

4) An Unexciting Company Brand 

Did you know that during the recruitment process you are being interviewed too?

Candidates are very good at doing their research! When a job hunter browses your company website or your social media presence, will they be inspired to work for you?

Google perks or not, any business within any industry can have a successful brand – a  compelling employer brand is continuously developed when you treat people right and show a real passion for what you do!

It should also be noted that as an interviewer, you are a representative for the company. Candidates should leave the interview feeling excited at the prospect of being hired and led by people such as yourself.

5) Skills Shortage 

In recent times, quite a number of industries have fallen victim to a skills shortage. This is obviously beyond an organisation’s control but may suggest why you have received little interest in your vacancy.

To combat such an adversity, you can explore opportunities to partner with industry members or invest in training current employees to develop the necessary skill set.

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