It's Our Birthday! -

Blog Post Published 27th April 2017

It’s Our Birthday!

A look back… 

What are the chances of it being a Thursday…because this blog is the ultimate throwback! Five years ago today marks the birth of Success Recruit!

Vicki’s passion for helping people and partnering with businesses to build incredible teams is what sparked her desire to take the leap and set up her own business. It’s this same passion on which Success Recruit has grown to become a well-established recruitment consultancy, helping hundreds of jobseekers find their dream job and organisations find the perfect team member.

Some of our favourite moments… 

Over the last five years, we have had plenty to celebrate! In 2014, we won our first award, Highly Commended New Business. In the same year, Vicki launched Success in the City – a networking event that attracts local professionals who enjoy meeting new people and developing valuable relationships.

At Success Recruit, our values centre around helping people and away from recruitment, we have had the pleasure to support some amazing causes and charities, including SNAP Charity, CRY and England and Essex Cricket star, Ravi Bopara’s Benefit Year 2015.

Work hard, play hard, right? Along the way, we have created a number of treasurable memories; from our tasty curry night to our overnight stay on a cruise for our Christmas party!

“It was amazing to experience a night on a cruise ship and party into the early hours of the morn-ing! It was my first ever office Christmas party and I can’t wait to bond and have fun with the team again at this years!” – Danielle 

Oh…and how can we forget our getaway trip to Iceland?!

“Our trip to Iceland has been one of my highlights since being at Success Recruit. The country is stunning and we got the chance to visit the Blue Lagoon, where we swam around with algae mud face masks on! I’ll never forget how we had to brave the freezing cold weather, running from the warm lagoon to the changing rooms….whilst trying our hardest not to fall over!” – Chloe 

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Vicki first set-up in an office garage before moving to Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. As the team continued to grow from strength to strength (and size), it was time to move into our new home right in the heart of Chelmsford city centre!

“It’s great being part of the team! Everyone is so supportive and the office is always filled with pos-itivity and enthusiasm. It’s incredibly rewarding being part of a team that really wants to make a difference.” – Megan

It’s the team that has, and always will be, the foundation of our success. Vicki’s love for giving in-dividuals an opportunity is the reason for welcoming Success Recruit’s first ever apprentice, Becky.

“I left college at the age of 16 and knew that I wanted to be part of an office environment but I had no clue where to begin! Vicki and Sam invited me to join the team as an apprentice in July 2016 and I’ve learnt something new every single day! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Success Recruit and I’ll forever be grateful.” – Rebecca 

Vicki also founded Success Marketing, a marketing company that is ran by Success Recruit’s first ever intern, Gabriella.

Vicki is continuously seeking new ways to develop herself and is keen to help others grow too. As a team, we have began a goal-setting programme, which has been created to help everyone aspire to achieve great things, inside and outside of work.

Here’s to more success! 

As many know, starting a new business is never easy, but temporary hardships are always overcome by reflecting on how much has been achieved and the amazing plans ahead.

“Vicki is extremely positive! Her positivity has a real impact on all of us and as a result, we have a ‘can do’ attitude regardless of the challenges we may face.” – Josh 

Success Recruit’s journey has been very, very exciting…and we have no plans of slowing down anytime soon! We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Are you a client, previous candidate or would simply like to join us in celebrating? If so, follow our hashtag on social media #SuccessCelebrate