Latest Success Story: Danielle joins the team - Success Recruit

Blog Post Published 16th February 2016

The Latest Success Story: Danielle joins the team at Success Recruit

Welcome to the team Danielle! How has your experience been working at Success Recruit so far? 

I am enjoying every minute of it! I am learning new things every day and I love that recruitment can be so diverse; no two days are ever the same! Everyone has been so welcoming and I really feel that I am fitting well into the Success Recruit team.

You were in retail before, why did you decide to start a career in recruitment?

I always knew retail wasn’t for me for my long term career goals so after graduating university last year it was the perfect time to start looking for a new opportunity. Recruitment is a fast paced and exciting career and with my background in customer service it was the right direction to head in.

What made you join Success Recruit?

After coming in and hearing about how Success Recruit works I knew immediately it was the right place for me. Their work ethics and morals just completely fit in with how I am in my personal life and how I enjoy working.  I love giving outstanding customer service and going the extra mile to help someone and that’s exactly what Success Recruit do as a team for their clients and candidates!

What qualities do you think you will bring to the team?

I would like to think that I have a good sense of humour so hopefully that will come across! And the team won’t find it weird if I start quoting lots of lines from films or TV shows! I would also say I am a really passionate person and I think that shines through when I deal with members of the public in work and even outside of the office.

What do you think you will find most challenging?

I think the fact I have never worked in an office environment before! I am so used to being on my feet and running around a store, it will be so different sitting down and trying not to fidget!

Has the team mascot Holly got her eye on anything in your lunch box?

What hasn’t she got her eye on in my lunch box!! She always comes over and sits near me when I eat and gives me the biggest puppy dog eyes! I caught her with her head stuck in my chicken the other day! I had left the desk for all of 5 seconds and she had jumped up on my chair and was trying to feast on my lunch! I know now to cover it up if I move away, even if it is for a split second!

Lastly, could you tell us something unusual about yourself…

Oh this is a hard question! I once applied for Big Brother! Unwillingly I might add, I only went to support a friend and then got roped into auditioning! It was that or sit and wait outside for 5 hours while she auditioned. I also love to learn hard lyrically fast rap songs! Don’t ask me why, I can’t sing or rap! I think I will stick to lip-syncing!!

You can connect with Danielle on Linkedin