SUCCESS STORIES: The Man Behind The Voice

Blog Post Published 9th December 2016

Success Stories: The Man Behind The Voice

Have you ever heard a voice that makes you smile?

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Our aim is to document and comment on SUCCESS stories from local businesses, to global news events to the latest social media challenges, we want to share things with you, that make us smile.


Success Recruit’s Becky Putt meets the man behind the voice, Demola Adewunmi!

This week our story is following ‘The face behind the voice!’

When you hear of someone who strives to go that extra mile for their customers we had to meet him!

On Friday Success Recruit met with a friendly, positive and outgoing individual who has made commuters journey’s that little bit happier with his entertaining bursts of announcements at Chelmsford train station.

Demola Adewunmi is that man behind the voice!

Over the last year, Ade has made such an impact on traveller’s days that when he left this November customers went out of their way to thank him for his service and to wish him luck in his future.

From the simplest phrases of ‘have a nice day’ Ade used his cultural and social knowledge to bring some fun into his daily announcements, taking inspiration from the HUGE blockbuster movie Star Wars he told commuters to ‘feel the force’ and ‘May the 4th be with you’. He often used other National Days of The Year as inspiration and made a regular impact on everyone’s day.

As consumers, we are quick to comment on negative experience’s, however it takes something special for us to comment about the great service we receive.

People like Ade deserve to be celebrated and thanked for being able to put that smile on your face when you’re having ‘one of those days’ or just when you need a bit of happiness. So, let’s recognise the people that do go the extra mile and think about how you can brighten someone’s day.


“People will forget what you say, people will forget what you did, BUT people will never forget how you made them feel”