What Makes a Great CV?

Blog Post Published 23rd October 2015

What Makes a Great CV?

A great CV is the one that helps you get an interview for the job you want.  It genuinely serves no other purpose.

At Successs Recruit we see hundreds of CVs a week and are always amazed at just how many CVs are not fit for purpose.  There are no rules and no laws for CVs so you can literally include whatever you want in whatever order you see fit.  So why do so many CVs fail to achieve their one objective?

In our opinion it is because when most people sit down to write a CV the first thing they do is start writing a CV!

Boy over desk

“Begin with the end in mind” as they say.  What is the purpose of my CV?  Who is going to read it?  What content will encourage them to read on?  Ask yourself these questions and really put some thought in to what you are going to say.

Of course your experience is going to be included but what parts do you want to tell the reader?  If your experience is in a coffee shop do you want to tell someone about how you cleared tables or do you want to tell them you were responsible for customer satisfaction?

Success Recruit genuinely feel that all jobs have skills that could be transferred to another industry but so many people don’t put enough thought in to that element of their CV.  Use your creative mind!  (I would say imagination but that would have a negative connotation!)

We hear so many people tell us they are going to “update” their CV with their most recent experience.  No!  This is going to be a document that will determine where you spend 40 hours a week, how much money you are paid and a whole host of other things that will massively impact your life.

Does it not deserve at least a few hours of your time?

How do you write a good CV?  The same way you would bake a lovely cake or do a great job of washing your car on a Sunday afternoon; by putting in some care and attention.

The great thing is it will take less time!