The Apprentice: What to do when your Candidate does a Scott

Blog Post Published 3rd December 2015

The Apprentice: What to do when your Candidate does a Scott

The apprentice Panel

Lord Sugar’s ‘The Apprentice’ is synonymous with a Wednesday night for millions of TV viewers. If you tuned in yesterday evening, you would have witnessed Scott pull out of the competition and deny himself the chance to win a £250,000 investment for his business plan and a business partnership with Lord Sugar.

Whilst many people would have screamed at their TV screens in confusion, Scott should actually be admired for his frank decision to leave (even if it did come in week 9).

So what do you do when your recruitment process is progressing only for a candidate to request their dismissal from your position?

Firstly, say thank you. Lord Sugar said exactly the same thing by thanking Scott for making his job a lot easier!

Sometimes it’s best to appreciate someone quitting early on, rather than them accepting the position only to leave months, weeks, or even days later.  That’s when things could become even messier due to the time and effort invested; and that doesn’t even include the frustration of having to go through the same exact process again!

However, each individual situation may require its own response. Through conversation with the candidate, you may ask them why they have chosen to remove themselves from the process and find that it’s an issue that can be resolved.  But if the situation is beyond fixing, you should refrain from pressurising them to change their mind, because there’s a great likelihood that they’ll give into your proposition, only for old feelings to resurface.

What may have bewildered people most, including Scott’s competitor Brett, is that Scott decided to exit the competition after winning a task!

So let’s say that your candidate has accepted the position and then decides to quit. Sometimes people forget that probation is just as much a grace period for employees as it is for employers. So once again, thank them.

The hiring process is never predictable, and as a recruiter you need to always be expectant.

The recruitment process isn’t as simple as just saying ‘You’re hired!’ to the first candidate CV you like, because at the end of the process, your job vacancy should be filled by someone who truly wants to work with you and your company.