The State of Unemployment- Where does this leave the youth

Blog Post Published 23rd July 2015

The State of Unemployment- Where does this leave the youth?

Earlier this week, the BBC reported that an optimistic breakthrough in the fall of unemployment was not yet to be celebrated; as such a step towards economic recovery is not necessarily helping the downward trend in youth unemployment. Recent figures have shown there to be a staggering 868,000 16-24 year olds out of work. The report continued on to highlight the issue the economy is facing regarding a disparity in qualifications and available vacancies. For instance, the job market is experiencing a shortage in skills such as construction and engineering, but at the same time, the number of students pursuing qualifications in the beauty and hair sector far exceeds the amount of vacancies. This is most definitely a contributing factor as to why roughly 700,000 young people have never had a job.

The BBC’S recent report may hit some readers as contradictory, considering just late last month The Guardian presented us with news to suggest that youth unemployment was due to fall, as employers began to recognise the value in student-employment relationships, with four in 10 employers now offering work experience. This work experience is being offered in the form of graduate, apprenticeship and internship schemes, that all carry the potential to lead to full-time job employment.

At Success Recruit, we are in support of helping youths work towards their career aspirations by offering advice and information. We also welcome internships and apprentices.

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