Recruitment Consultant the 1st stage in Application Process

Blog Post Published 24th July 2015

Why you should treat your Recruitment Consultant as the first stage in a job application process

What is the goal of a Recruitment Consultant?

To help individuals find their dream job and to help clients find their dream individuals.

So why do so many people treat Recruitment Consultants as an inconvenience? Because they fail to recognise them as the first stage in the job application process.

On a basic level, you should treat a Recruitment Consultant as you would an interviewer because they ultimately decide whether or not your application is submitted to an employer. Literally hundreds of jobs are received for each and every job that is advertised and it is up to the applicant to sufficiently impress the Recruiter at the initial stage.

A Recruitment Consultant has a responsibility to their client to ensure that only potentially successful applications are submitted. As part of their own process a Recruitment Consultant will have held in-depth discussions with their client about many aspects of their business and in many cases will have developed a personal relationship with them.

You need to make the most of this existing relationship and take your chance to impress the Recruiter. A good Consultant will discuss your application with their client throughout the interview process and their input will be taken in to account when decisions are made. Therefore you should treat the Consultant as part of the interview process; dress smartly, address them professionally and make them believe you are the right person for the job.

There are many examples of time when a Consultant from Success Recruit has met a candidate who does not quite fit the “job spec” but has been impressed by them and seen them as a great potential applicant. This is where we can add value to our clients, as we can recommend people based on personality traits and our own “sixth sense”. Our clients respect our input and will often see people for interview based on our recommendation.

Needless to say those candidates that treat our registrations as an inconvenience do not often benefit from our client relationships!

Applicants can also gain a competitive advantage by utilising our knowledge of the client and their business. Some of our clients attend our networking event, meet with us at other networking events, use the same Business Consultant as us, take advice from our HR Consultant and liaise with us on a regular basis about their recruitment needs. The insight gained from these relationships is very powerful and our candidates should look to learn as much as possible from us. It is unlikely that someone applying directly to a company will have this insight.

Finally, we can be used as good practise for interview! Who would you rather tell you that you speak a little too quickly at interview; the Recruitment Consultant or the interviewer? We are experts in our field and can help candidates with their interview techniques, regardless of how experienced they are.

So the next time you meet a Recruitment Consultant, or speak to them on the telephone, do your best to impress them. They may well be the first step in the process of you getting your dream job!

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