The Success Team Walk on Fire for SNAP Charity

Blog Post Published 1st November 2016

The Success Team Walk on Fire for SNAP Charity!

Success walk on fire for SNAP Charity

Vicki, Danielle and Gabriella’s Saturday was quite unusual to say the least! The trio attended Brentwood Community Firewalk, where they bravely walked on fire to help raise money for SNAP Charity! None of the team had walked on fire before, so nerves were high due to fear of the unknown!

The event began with a talk from the organiser who gave advice on how to mentally prepare for the challenge and tackle the hot coals safely. The speaker concluded by sharing how people across the globe fire walk as a tradition!

Although the talk was helpful, anxiety was still building up, causing a few sweaty palms!

At 7pm, participants were asked to form a queue in front of the fire; the sky was bleak so not much was visible besides the silhouette of the blazing fire.

It was finally time for the team to take the courageous steps forward…

A few moments later and they had done it! Vicki, Danielle and Gabriella had conquered the walk across fire!  There was a feeling of relief, but also a sense of empowerment (so much so that Danielle decided to walk on fire for a second time!)

We are very grateful to everyone who helped us exceed our fundraising target and also came to cheer us on!

The Fire Walk is now over but SNAP’s admirable work still continues! Please help support this fantastic charity by donating.

We’re already thinking of ideas for our next fundraiser event, so please let us know if you have any (maybe jumping out of a plane?!)