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Success Recruit focuses on providing a high quality recruitment service to businesses that need help in finding the perfect person for their team.  We help with both permanent and temporary recruitment and have a flexible range of solutions to meet our clients needs.

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Permanent Recruitment

Does your business need to find someone permanent for its team?

If so, Success Recruit can help you!

We have helped companies across a wide range of sectors and industries find excellent people for their teams.

Our service and process has always been well received and we have been successful in building excellent relationships with our clients. Our consultants understand the importance of trust in relationships with our clients and that the only way we can build it is by regularly meeting their requirements.

We understand that finding the right person for a team is about much more than matching a CV and we invest significant time and resources into assessing our candidate’s personalities and experience on our client’s behalf.

Our passion for recruitment shines through our process and we have a true belief that we can make a positive difference to your business.

Success Recruit’s core areas of permanent recruitment specialism are:

  • Office roles – from support roles to senior positions
  • Construction Jobs
  • Marketing and Sales

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of our recruitment process please call us today on 01245 409839 and speak to one of our consultants who will be happy to help or fill out a contact request form here.

A testimonial from a happy client:

“Firstly and foremost, thank you so much for the manner in which you have dealt with our recruitment needs. The way you both have approached the recruitment process was outstanding. A recruitment agency should be viewed as a long term relationship, and with our first experience on working with you, we could see that one of the main characteristic that you have demonstrated was to listen and understand our specific requirements which has helped us to secure the right candidate. We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.”

Chief Finance Officer at an International Data Processing company

Temporary Recruitment

Does your business ever have a need for temporary staff?

If so, Success Recruit can help you!

Many business have a requirement for staff on a short-term basis. Temporary staff can be used to help cover a busy period, someone’s holiday or paternity leave and can provide exceptional value.  Read here to find out more about why temporary staff can be incredibly valuable.

Success Recruit apply the same process to temporary recruitment as we do permanent recruitment, meaning our clients get temporary staff that are a genuine fit for their business.

Staff cover can be required at very short notice and our consultants appreciate the need for urgency in these situations. We have a great track record of filling our client’s temporary staff needs and in many cases the people we have provided as cover have been offered full time permanent positions.

Our terms of business covering the instances in which temporary staff are taken on a permanent basis are unique and are very fair on clients. We do not see it as a chance to “earn double” but a chance to add value to our client’s businesses.

See our terms of business for temporary recruitment here. Our consultants are always on hand if you wish to discuss further.

Recruitment Retainer Packages

Does your business require regular help from a recruitment consultancy? If so, have you ever considered a retainer package that may reduce the overall cost?

Success Recruit focus on building long-term relationships with clients and being trusted as the only recruiter they use. The retainer packages that we offer cement this relationship and can significantly reduce the cost of recruitment.

Each package will be tailored to your individual needs with any of our services included if required.

Contact us and speak to one of our consultants to find out about how Success Recruit’s retainer packages can help your business.

Advice on Your Interview Process

Success Recruit offer all of our clients one to one support on their interview process as part of our service.

Interview processes vary widely between companies; from the more corporate style of competency based questions to the relaxed, chatty style often found in smaller organisations.  Neither style should be immediately adopted as the “right way”; each has its own merits and a happy medium can of course be found somewhere between the two depending on what is suitable for you.

Regardless of your interview style Success Recruit recommends you answer these 5 key questions before you begin looking for a new recruit:

Why do we need this new person?  

In our opinion “because someone is leaving” is not a sufficient answer.  In a sense part of the question is “do we really need this person?”  Your existing team may already have the required skills and expertise to manage without this person; particularly in the short term.  This question will help you understand the urgency with which you need to recruit.

What exactly do you need from this person?  

It is really important to understand what the new recruit is expected to bring to your business before you begin your search.  At Success Recruit we tell our clients that you start with the person’s values and personality.  Skills can be taught; a naturally quiet person cannot be the life and soul of the company and a naturally vibrant person will not be comfortable in a quiet environment!  You need to understand how the person will fit in with the team.  Of course the skills of the person are important; there is no good hiring someone who has your company values but no clue on how to do the job in hand.

What is the job specification? 

This question is for your own purposes as much as the employees.  What will this person be doing in your company?  Understanding the answer to this question allows you to establish what is expected of them, how they will be measured and what results your company will enjoy.

What value will this person bring to my company? 

Understanding this question should inform your decision on how much this person should be paid!  Our advice is this; do not judge how much this person should be paid by looking at how much your competitors pay similar staff.  Of what relevance is that to your organisation?  You should pay your staff based on the value they bring to your organisation; this is the only fair way.

What is our interview process? 

Write it down and stick to it!

So now you understand what you need, when you need it, the role this person will take, the value they will bring and the process you are going to take to get it.  This will help you get it right as often as possible.  No one gets recruitment right every time, trust us!

Our consultants are always on hand to help our clients with their interview processes and we love adding value in this way.  We know our candidates and clients so well that our advice becomes appreciated and sought after during the recruitment process.

Our blog on this subject goes in to a bit more detail, read it here.  And of course Success Recruit will be delighted to help you and provide advice so if this is relevant to your business please get in touch today!

Find out more

We understand that recruitment is an incredibly important function of all businesses.  Finding the right people is a constant process for most businesses and the cost of getting it wrong is usually great.

Let us help you find the value of getting it right!

We love to help our clients and we love to build relationships.  Our consultants are very happy to answer any of your questions and will make the time to help you understand.

To find out more please call us on 01245 409839 or fill out a contact request form here.