Our Mission - Success Recruit In Chelmsford, Essex

Our mission is ...

To make a positive impact on the recruitment industry.

We understand that many people have a poor perception of recruiters due to their own past-experiences.  The team at Success Recruit are going to change that!

Our Mission

Vicki Edwards
Founder of Success Recruit

I really care about recruitment and I understand the importance of our industry.  I passionately believe that what we do changes people’s lives!  We can help someone find a dream job or help a company find a brilliant team member that can make a massive impact on their business.

It is such an exciting challenge to make a positive impact on the industry and I know my team are up to it!

Sam Edwards
Managing Director of Success Recruit

Prior to joining the recruitment industry I experienced the other side of the coin; being a candidate!  I must admit that there are some excellent recruiters out there; however, the general standard of recruiters I dealt with was poor.

We all care about what we do and the people we help at Success Recruit and are committed to making a positive impact on everyone we deal with.  We make the tough choices, such as not approaching people on Linked-in and refusing to head hunt, but we are committed to our mission and we will achieve it!